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JWA - Jadam Wetting Agent

Lantern And Goblin

Jadam Wetting agent is a natural emulsifier and wetting agent that breaks down completely in 72hrs. Not using synthetic foaming and wetting agents help protect the waterways by not letting the synthetic soaps and foaming agents into those waterways. Not only the Jadam wetting agent breaks down naturally in the soil even though it’s not recommended to water indirectly but drips and drops falling of the plant from a foliar application is nothing to worry about.

Jadam wetting agent is great to use on its own to wash the plant occasionally. On its own, it can help prevent and get rid of a lot of soft-bodied insects. But mixed with other IPM products like essential oils, neem, JNP(Jadam Natural Pesticides) it increases its efficacy a ton and can help eradicate many infestations.

I highly recommend making some Jadam wetting agent yourself and you’ll save a ton of money! I Have a video on making it yourself as well as you can get the awesome Book Jadam Organic Pest and Disease Control(Amazon Link).

But if you would like to support the channel and buy a bottle from us that is highly appreciated. These are 16oz bottles and used at 1oz per gallon once a week with your other IPM Or on its own should last around 16 weeks for a smaller gardener.

Application Rate: Dilute 1 to 4 ounces per gallon of Soft water like distilled and RO Water. Mix well. Foliar spray on plants.

Ingredients: Distilled water, canola oil, potassium hydroxide

All credit for this recipe goes to JADAM. If it was not for them, these ultra-low-cost farming practices would not be available and so widespread.