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Development of EM

EM-1® is a Microbial Inoculant Containing LABS, PNSB, Yeasts, And Actinomycetes. All of which are great for soil, plants, and many animals and even Ourselves . EM-1 Is considered a Probiotic and was discovered by DR. TERUO HIGA in Okinawa, Japan During His Studies At University. The Story is one to keep in mind when growing and experimenting with Natural Farming Methods. He went to school to get his Doctorate in Horticulture while studying he was working Farming Oranges and during that time they used heavily chemicals for pestisides and nutrients. After a while working on the Orange Farm he developed some rashes and his over all health declined! This made him even more interested in Microbiology so he moved away from working out at the Farm and dove into researching Microbiology. At the time most people where researching One Micro Organism at a time and you can deduce that it was a slow and tedious process. So Dr. Teruo started collecting and researching more than one strain/type of Microorganism symotanously . While doing many experiments he felt like he was wasting many of these Micro organismims when disposing of them so he decided to sprinkle them out on a small patch of grass outside. About a week later he notice that patch of grass grew extremely well this brought him to the realization that it was a combination of micro organisms that provided the boost in growth. After Many More Experiments in 1980 he found the most effective micoorganisms(R) for growth and Called them EM! Now what’s so interesting about this story and many others is that the awesome break through was by accident or chance and not by well planed and worked out experiments! Like I’ve said before this is an awesome time to be into soil science and microbiology because now we are starting to develop instruments and tests to explain and educated us further on how these natural processes work and interact with Plants and the environment!

EM is an amazing technology with experiments conducted all over the world over showing that it can:

  • Activate soil life
  • Promote plant life
  • Improve Nutrient uptake
  • Suppress harmful microbes
  • Restore water quality
  • Activate compost
  • Control odor
  • Bio-activate septic tank systems
  • Control compost Temp
  • Promote Health in Live Stock
  • Help Mitigate Heavy Metals
  • And Much More

Now you can use EM-1 Directly Or You Can Activate and Expand It. Using it Directly is simple mix 1oz per gallon into non chlorinated water and water into soil or put it in a sprayer and foliar feed it! Now If you want to Activate it and get a bit more EM-1 For your money all your going to need is

  • clean water
  • non sulfured molasses
  • fermentation container (Pop bottle, Juice Bottle, etc)

Now the Container needs to be flexible so it can expand during the Fermentation process. The Process will create a decent amount of Co2 gas but don’t worry after a bit the PNSB with processes the Co2 Into back into Oxygen and the pressure will reduce.

To Extend the EM:

  • 1 part EM
  • 1 part Molasses
  • 20 parts Water
  • 1 tsp Super Cera Powder (a bioceramic powder) or Sea Salt

Culture the mixture in an airtight container - it should be an anaerobic condition. pH should drop within 7-10 days to below pH 4 (ideally pH 3.5).

use cheap PH test Strips to test the PH. Keep in mind you may have to use a Digital PH Pen If your Color Blind.

Get your Self a bottle of EM-1 Expand it and Use it its great for Plant health and Nothing will show you more than seeing results for your self. Now a few other things you can use EM-1 For are

  • add 1oz Activated EM-1 to your compost tea after its brewed and right before application.
  • Cleaning a Spot were a pet had and accident to eliminate the order
  • putting some in a spray bottle and spray the trash to eliminate odors and help keep fly’s away
  • clear up algae blooms in water ways and ponds

and people keep finding ingenious ways to use it to solve everyday problems. Thanks for Coming by Green Gang, Make sure to check out for a full Write up on EM-1 and if you want to pick some up you can do so at and use code gg510 to save a bit at checkout and help the channel out. Matter of Fact anything on site you can use code gg510!