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JMS Jadam Microbal Solution

How to Cultivate JMS (Jadam Microbial Solution) Charge your soil with Free Microbes.

Hey, Growmies today I'm going to show you how to make JMS or jadam microbial solution. First, let's talk about why you would want to make JMS. Like buying microbes from reputable companies like recharge and plant revolution you can cultivate them on your own. what's even more dope about that is the microbes will be already adapted to your environment and won’t have a population fall off over time. JMS helps the uptake of nutrients, as well as help, protect against pathogens and viruses by providing millions and millions of diverse microbes. You can get real fancy with it and cultivate crop-specific microbe solutions. This is just JMS that can be used on any and all crops. Enough about JMS let get into Cultivating it

You’re going to need

A starch like a potato, or rice

leaf mold soil

sea salt

and non-chlorinated water

JADAM Organic Farming


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