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Welcome Green Gang

Lantern And Goblin

We Strive To Grow Our Own Medicine and Food While aligning with nature

My name is Jonathan Brown online I’m known as GreenGoblin510 on both YouTube and Instagram. I started growing when I was about 18 here in Michigan.

I fell in love with all its medicinal properties. It has helped me and my family tremendously with anything from anxiety, eating, digestive problems, and an autoimmune disease called lupus. Let’s just say I have a very special connection to cannabis in all its forms. I have been growing all types of plants for 14 years along with my brother Jacob Brown.

We grow 100% organically without harsh chemicals or pesticides. We grow with all natural processes following what’s called KNF (Korean Natural Farming) and Jadam (An eco-friendly practice of pest management). Both Practices were created by Youngsang Cho. All of which are pre approved for USDA Organic Farming.

These Farming practice’s work with nature and help build healthy fertile soil for years to come. Instead of using harmful chemicals that build up and cause issues in water tables and wildlife around the runoff. I also do consultations on Plant issues particularly cannabis/hemp . As well as education and consultation on soil health and how to achieve it for maximum production of crops.

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The Blaque Out

Lantern And I Go LIVE On Twitch Playing Games And Talking Plants

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