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Kelp - The Oceans Filter

What Is Kelp


Interesting fact about kelp is that is isn’t a plant at all its actually a multicellular organism know as a heterokont making it adsorb nutrients in a very different way compared to plants. Kelp adsorbs nutrients much like fungi do by direct adsorption!

Kelp is a wonderful dynamic accumulator of nutrients. It accomplishes this by attaching its self to the ocean floor usually on something heavy like a rock via the holdfast(A root like structure). Then grows blade like leaves and these little gas bladders that create Buoyancy. So in combination of the holdfast holding the kelp to the ocean floor and the and the gas bladder creating buoyancy the kelp remains vertical. allowing it to grow to the surface and increase its photosynthetic efficacy. Using the energy from the sun kelp adsorbs nutrients from the nutrient dense water its in. Accumulating nearly all nutrients and minerals around it. Making it a great addition to our soils!

These little gas bladders hold the kelp vertical

Whats In Kelp

Kelp In the Garden

Kelp Meal is a Powerful natural fertilizer that has many things that plants and soils thrive on. it comes in three main forms kelp meal, liquid kelp, and granulated.

Kelp Meal is Kelp that has been harvested, dried, and chopped up finely. This is my preferred form of kelp

Liquid Kelp is cold press or fermented/ digested products. both can be great for foliar or soil drench

Granulated is an extract rich in potassium as potassium oxide carful with this you can add to much if you use it and I like to stay away from extracts like this in pure form and take the approach of whole plant or whole nutriments


Structure of Kelp

Co2 Sequestration